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Ibizan Cuisine

The sun-kissed coast of Ibiza is home to a cuisine that offers the clean, fresh flavors of the sea beside the rich dishes from the rest of the Spain. Mediterranean ingredients combine with culinary traditions from within the Iberian peninsula to create the unique Ibizan flavor profile.

Ibizan dishes consist mainly of fish, usually served as fresh as possible. This can be tasted in fisherman fare like Bullit de Peix, where monkfish, grouper, and other fish are stewed with potatoes, green beans—sometimes Ibizan cooks add sea anemones, bay leaves, white wine, and even saffron, all to boil in moderate heat for a hearty and aromatic stew. Ibiza likewise has many ways of serving salmon, bacalao (cod), and tuna, along with other varieties native to their coast, which can go in stews like zarzuela de pepescado y mariscos.

El Cocinero

About Us

El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo started October 6, 2013 in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is the only Spanish restaurant in Nasugbu which gives us the edge to be known quickly. El Cocinero is the ONLY restaurant in Nasugbu that served authentic Spanish menus like Paella’s, Bullit de Peix (Traditional Ibiza Style Fish Stew), Pasta, Pizza, and a lot more.