El Cocinero Review by The Peach Kitchen

Should you ever find yourself in Nasugbu, Batangas and wondering where to eat, I suggest you look for El Cocinero By Chef Arnaldo. Because that’s what we did when we were at Canyon Cove.

There weren’t a lot of restaurants in the area except for the usual fastfood. Read: Jollibee, Mang Inasal, and McDonalds. I know the kids would really love some McNuggets and fries and call it dinner but us adults who were tired from swimming, picture-taking, and playing with the kids — we wanted something really good to eat.

El Cocinero By Chef Arnaldo’s Nasugbu branch is just a small restaurant. If you’re gonna judge the book by it’s cover, you wouldn’t actually think they serve really good food because it looks like a carinderia from the outside.

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El Cocinero Reviewed by Primer.com.ph

Situated in the heart of Nasugbu town proper and just in front of St. Xavier Parish church is a little Spanish restaurant owned by Chef Arnaldo Limeta. With 14 years of living in Ibiza, Spain, he brought home his own take of the best Paella Valenciana the town has ever tasted. El Cocinero has made quite a name for itself with its high quality food and understated yet refreshing ambiance. The ingredients are all fresh and perfectly mixed together, providing for a mouth-watering experience. They also have excellent tapas, pizcado and paellas, all at very reasonable prices. The restaurant can only seat 20 people, so make sure to reserve ahead of time if you are planning to eat here. If you’re looking for fresh, tasty and Spanish then this is the place to go.


Paella Vallenciana (el Cocinero) – P750.00

Gambas Ala Jillo – P160.00

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★★★★★ As Reviewed in Looloos


This started as the first thing we saw coming from Terrazas while hungrily looking for a place to eat.

And my friends can agree with me that El Cocinero, an unassuming eatery hidden far away in Nasugbu, Batangas, ended up serving some of the best paella we’ve probably ever had. Better than any paella in Manila that I can remember! My god. That tutong was heaven to scrape off the paellera pan!

The rice used wasn’t your typical rice since I noticed the were large and beady. And the flavors from all the ingredients… no words. I was speechless. This paella has to be experienced in this branch and eaten in the restaurant (we took out an order and it just wasn’t the same). I suggest trying the signature El Cocinera paella since it has the most meat and seafood.

The salpicao was decent. The pizzas were good! And so was the grilled meat platter (a really good partner with the paella btw) But everything we ate was overshadowed by that damned paella. And i mean that in a good way.

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