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For a few years, this was one of Nasugbu’s best-kept secrets. Vacationers up and down the Batangas coastline would drop in for a taste of Ibiza just a short distance from their rest houses in places like Tali Beach or Pico De Loro. Others would even go all out and get Chef Arnaldo to cater lunch or dinner at their own vacation homes, which quickly became a habit for those who would spare no expense when it comes to eating well.

But years before Nasugbu gave him this small and select following, Chef Arnaldo already held the place close to his heart. He grew up in a nearby fishing community, sampling the flavors of the sea from his infancy. It was here that he found his grounding in our local seafood, learning its seasons and shifts, witnessing the connections between the sea and his community’s livelihood.

It is from this background that he studied Ibizan cuisine, comparing its similarities and differences to ours. It is this intimate knowledge that helped him create authentic Ibizan dishes using ingredients available in the Philippines. And all this started taking off from Nasugbu.

The sun-kissed coast of Ibiza is home to a cuisine that offers the clean, fresh flavors of the sea beside the rich dishes from the rest of the Spain.

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