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Set in a resort enclave along the road that winds through Tagaytay, El Cocinero now offers its Ibizan cuisine amid the cool breezes that waft across the Taal countryside. There, it sits amid the weekend getaway houses and restaurants that dot the slopes, ready to serve the fare the restaurant has come to be known for.

The whole place is decorated in a familiar style, with brick-and-mortar structure whitewashed and accented in Mediterranean blue, the walls covered in Picasso reproductions. Of course, the Tagaytay air lends a cool freshness against the distinct flavors of Chef Arnaldo’s cooking, a contrast between the warmth of the Ibizan stews, roasts, and bread and the chill breeze. It’s a contrast that encourages sitting together more closely, sharing a pleasant time more deeply—altogether a more intimate dining experience.

The sun-kissed coast of Ibiza is home to a cuisine that offers the clean, fresh flavors of the sea beside the rich dishes from the rest of the Spain.

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Purok 135 Brgy Neogan, La Bella Residences, Tagaytay City

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